Celebratory Gift Project


This year, the Computers for Schools program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the course of the program, more than 1.5 million computers have been distributed, at little to no cost, to schools, libraries and community organizations across Canada.

In honour of its 25th year, we are inviting all affiliates to participate in a creative project. Participants will take inspiration from the theme “What 25 means to me!” to propose celebratory gifts built using recycled computer parts. These gifts will be engraved and given to donors at the National and provincial levels.

Proposals may be submitted by individuals or teams, and each affiliate may send as many proposals as they like.

Time frame:

Proposals should be submitted to Julie Brouard by June 29, 2018
Gifts should be produced and sent to Julie Brouard by August 31, 2018

Participation Instructions


Proposed gifts:

  1. MUST be relevant to the theme “What 25 Means to Me!”
  2. MUST be built such that the main structural components are recycled 
computer parts*
  3. MUST include an area which can be engraved** with the following:
    Computers for Schools program
    Refurbishing for reuse
    For 25 years August 2018
  4. MUST have a maximum size of about 8 in by 11 in


  1. May include more than one gift suggestion.

*Assembly and embellishment materials — such as paint, screws, or glue — may be new materials. Where no recycled options exist, materials such as motors or batteries may be new materials, as long as most of the structure is composed from recycled parts and the new materials do not represent the main components of the structure.

**CFSC-OPEC will cover engraving and production costs of accepted proposal

How to Participate

Step 1

Fill out the proposal form, describing the celebratory gifts you or your team proposes. Return the form to Julie Brouard by June 29, 2018.

Step 2

Once proposal is accepted, build the celebratory gifts and submit the completed masterpieces to Julie Brouard by August 31, 2018.

Don’t forget to be creative and put your own personal spin on the project! We can’t wait to see what innovative creations you come up with.

Have fun and good luck!

Please email any questions to Julie Brouard at julie.brouard@cfsc-opec.org

Gift Examples

Examples from Pinterest.ca.

Proposal Form