Since 1993, the Computers for Schools Plus (CFS+) program has distributed refurbished computers to schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous communities and eligible low-income individuals, helping millions of Canadians access the resources and skills they need.

Digital Inclusion

Making technology and digital skills accessible.

Computers are literacy and one of the foundations of all the community centres. We have a computer lab, sourced from CFS. Without that partnership, we would not be able to have that resource to offer the residents in our communities, to reach whatever goal they have.”

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Skills Development

Shaping the workforce of tomorrow through internships.

“CFS refurbishes computers, but it also offers opportunities that allow for social inclusion. That’s the hidden facet of the program. It’s building self-esteem, shaping individuals… Often, it’s giving people a new start.”

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Waste Reduction

Promoting a circular economy by refurbishing e-waste.

“If there wasn’t an outlet like Computers for schools, a lot of equipment would end up in recycling. Servers, computers, tablets, phones, printers — everything is dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner and reusing everything that we can. If it comes through our door and we can fix it? We’re going to give it to you.”

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