A sustainable solution for end-of-life technology.

Organizations and individuals donate devices they no longer need to the Computers for Schools Plus (CFS+) program, protecting the planet and reducing their environmental footprint.

  • Making the most efficient use of the raw materials required in computer production;
  • Minimizing electronic waste;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Reducing the use of other natural resources, such as water.

In addition to the program’s commitment to reuse and in accordance with responsible e-waste-management practices, what CFS+ cannot reuse is safely handled by certified recyclers.


Green computing solutions

Prioritizing reuse. 

The CFS+ program extends a computer’s lifecycle and helps reduce waste through refurbishment.

“I was made aware of the program when I was invited to attend a meeting with OPEQ. At the time, I was looking for a way to dispose of our obsolete equipment because I knew electronics contain chemicals that are dangerous for the environment. I was impressed with solution CFS presented. The program offered a responsible way to dispose of the equipment. On top of that, even though the equipment was obsolete to us, it was still useful so, the fact the CFS give those computers back to schools and not-for-profits… I think that’s really amazing. “ — Michel

Paying it forward

Offering a unique solution.

CFS+ offers a unique and secure tripe-bottom-line solution for end-of-life electronics. Donating equipment to CFS+ is environmentally responsible and contributes to economic growth by putting serviceable equipment in the hands of Canadians who need it.

“A computer is a tool, and potentially an expensive tool. CFS takes computers destined for the landfills and squeezes extra life out of them. If we’re gonna reduce electronic waste, then CFS is a good place to start and it’s a good model: taking serviceable equipment and putting it in the hands of those who need it.” — Rob