Kathleen Diga | Director, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Kathleen Diga has over ten years of experience in the Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) research space.  She currently is a project coordinator for connectivity projects that facilitates learning across rural community-owned and run telecommunication infrastructure in the global South through the Association for Progressive Communications. Her main focus of research is understanding the changing ICT asset portfolio within households in South Africa and how these items are contributing to well-being and wealth changes, particularly amongst those at the margins. Kathleen holds a B.Comm with a major in marketing and international business from the University of British Columbia in 2004 and Master’s degree in Development Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 2008.


Maryse Lavoie | Director, Quebec

Maryse Lavoie holds a Bachelor of Science from the Université de Sherbrooke in IT Management in addition to a Master’s Certificate in project management from the University of Washington School of Business and Public Management. She has held various management positions at Bell Canada such as Business Analyst and IT Group Project Manager. She is currently a Project Manager at BCE Inc. in corporate responsibility and environment. Maryse has been active as president in various educational committees and has been the Executive Director of OPEQ (Ordinateurs pour les Écoles du Québec) for over 20 years.


Darrell Liebrecht| Chair, Saskatchewan

Darrell Liebrecht is the SaskTel Pioneer Manager at SaskTel. He has been involved with the Computers for Schools program since its beginning in 1993, at which time he worked refurbishing computers. He has been a Computers for Schools board member for the past 12 years and sits on 7 boards of directors. He believes the program is making an important difference in schools and households across the country. As the program continues to grow, he is eager to see the impact it will have on new Canadians and low-income families as well.


Shauna McCaffrey| Vice-Chair, Ontario

Shauna McCaffrey is the CEO of Renewed Computer Technology. Her career began in the cable/telecom industry, where she worked in marketing, communication and strategic development.  She launched the Canadian Chapter of CTAM, a professional development association for marketing executives.  She was the first Canadian to receive the 2001 CTAM TAMI Leadership Award and the ERC Hall of Fame Award.  As the CEO of RCT, she brings her passion and experience to helping make technology accessible for those who need it, providing IT career-related work experience and promoting sound corporate solutions for reuse and recycling of electronics.


Katherine Sporns| Treasurer, Quebec

Katherine Sporns is an experienced Operations Manager in the banking industry. She joined the National Bank of Canada in 2008. Since starting at the Bank, she has held various positions in risk management, compliance and operations for financial markets. Currently, Katherine is leading a team of analysts in the Financial Markets Operations sector. Katherine earned her B.Com. in 2007 with a major in finance and a concentration in international business from McGill University.


Mary-Em Waddington| Secretary, B.C.

Mary-Em Waddington is the Executive Director of BC Technology for Learning Society. She has over twenty years of experience working in the not-for-profit sector and she sits on various boards dedicated to issues relating to education and the environment, including the Recycling Council of BC, Computers for Success Canada, and Canadian Parents for French.


Julie Brouard | Manager, Communications, HR & Partnerships

A communications professionnal specialized in project management within organizations that have multiple divisions at the national and international levels, Julie has held several communication management positions, namely with Pratt &Whitney Canada and Air Liquide Canada. She left the corporate world in 2011 to put her marketing and communications expertise to work for the non-profit sector. After mandates at the Trans Canada Trail and Canada World Youth, she joined CFSC-OPEC in February 2016.


Toby Harper-Merrett | Executive Director

Toby Harper-Merrett ( @THLL ) has led organizations and networks for the public good since 2006. With expertise in information and communication technology for development, Toby has contributed to research, policy and program impacts internationally, nationally, and locally. A graduate of The University of Manchester’s School of Environment, Education and Development, and a Stanford certified project manager, Toby is especially interested in addressing the challenges of under-served and at-risk communities – he joined CFSC-OPEC as Executive Director in 2015.


Myriam Saindon | Manager, Finance

Myriam Saindon has always been driven by humanitarian values. She started her career in international cooperation in 2014 where she held the positions of Program Assistant and Strategic Planning Officer for Alternatives and Crossroads International. She joined CFSC-OPEC as Program Assistant in May 2018.


Jennifer Sim | Project Manager

Jennifer is a project management professional who started her career in the private tech sector with a special focus on product acquisition and asset management. After having helped to build up a branch of the legal services department of a burgeoning web development firm, she was ready to take on new challenges in the non-profit sector. She joined the small but mighty team at CFSC-OPEC in February 2016 and has since contributed to the success of projects like #Welcomerefugees and the Connecting Families initiative.