computer warehouseSince 1993, more than 1.5 million computers have been refurbished and distributed, at little or no cost, to schools, libraries and community organizations across Canada through the Computers for Schools program.

This has translated into millions of youth, seniors, low-income Canadians, new Canadians, First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples being provided with the ability to access technology and acquire the digital skills that have become so important in today’s society.

Providing practical, real-world experience is an important component of the CFS program. Through the use of the Technical Work Experience Program (TWEP) funding from Employment and Social Development Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy, the CFS program has provided technical employment to more than 6000 youth over the years, helping them gain the critical skills and experience they need to enter the workforce.

If your organization requires technology or works with youth that could benefit from hands-on computer training, you can reach out to the CFS program in your province or territory for more information. Select your province or territory below to leave the CFSC site and visit the CFS program’s site in your region.